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"Oh so you're a sexy...vending machine?" What to expect in costumes this Halloween.

So, it’s that time of year. Halloween season. The time of year where everyone has the license to dress up in whatever they choose. Every year, I always try to go as something ridiculous.  Unike many girls, I don’t try to take a completely random object and turn it into a “sexy” costume . (See... Read more »

You’re probably starting to think I hate this city, but: More places to avoid in Chicago.

I LOVE Chicago. Ask anyone. I am almost annoying announcing my love and pride for being a Chicagoan. Whenever I travel, I quickly tell people I am from here. Well, if they don’t guess first by just hearing my voice and accent. However, there are places that I could do without here. I’ve written before... Read more »

30 going on....3?

So, being graced as the lucky only child that I am, my wonderful mother used to keep a journal of, well, my daily life habits as a child.  Doctor’s appointments, ear infections, tooth loss, “She’s actually not bald anymore!”,  “Amy got suspended from the basketball team due to her behavior”, you see where I’m going.... Read more »