Cancer: The Stray Bullet

Ok, so I have not exactly lived a "pristine" lifestyle. I had a crazy 20's, it's starting to calm down in the 30's ( a tad) and people who have absolutely no risks or are a major target for the disease get it. It is a horrible, gut-wrenching disease for those who have it. And I feel that many don't deserve it.

Does my mom, for simply just being on the "very fair" end of the skin spectrum deserve melanoma? She has smoked half a cigarette (literally, half, and she said she wanted to puke after the half), doesn't drink, eats healthy...why her? Then we have me who has lived a life similar to Keith Richards and I am (hopefully) still healthy.

Dealing with the mental agony of both the patient, the family, everyone involved is brutal. People complain about their lunch being delivered late (which, I feel, I have) should see someone going through chemo or immunotherapy.  You always expect cancer to hit a chronic smoker, drinker, whatever. My mom is about as squeaky clean as it gets. And yet, we have to deal with this disease putting a hindrance on her life as she is only 57 years old.

Long story short- don't miss a day. You could get hit by the 22 Bus (which has almost happened to me multiple times) or get diagnosed suddenly as my mother did with serious cancer. It's not a joke. And you never know. So enjoy your day today.

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