So, we all write a crappy post sometimes- relating this to life, however.

So, we all write a crappy post sometimes. It happens. I re-read my latest post and, after some really, um, "constructive criticism" (read: getting ripped apart), I did realize, well, this sort of sucks. And sounds annoying. I think that being able to be a good writer is being able to recognize that sometimes, well, in fact, your work was pretty craptastic this time.

I guess getting a verbal "ass kicking" was helpful, and will hopefully help me improve and not sound like a trixie faced "20-something yuppie". Get it right, I am a 30-something yuppie. (Thanks for the compliment, though. I'll take the 20's age range anytime.)  I guess like anything in real life- sometimes you need a reality check even if it's not a pleasant one. Sometimes this said reality check comes in shocking form and it's really unexpected. I mean, who really wants to hear unpleasant things? You want to always hear about unicorns and rainbows and sunshine. But you know what? That's not reality, and you move on. And you probably improve your situation by doing so. Whether someone "checks" you about a significant other, your performance at your job or school, eating too many Doritos, whatever- sometimes you need the kick to see what's really going on. Although at the time it feels like someone slapped you in the face with a mallet, wouldn't you rather know than not know?  They say ignorance is bliss, but I don't believe in that.

This also helps us to realize not everyone's gonna love ya, some people are actually gonna hate ya. So we sure as hell better appreciate the ones that do love us. After being at a family wedding last night, I realize how lucky I really am to have all these people around me.  I feel grateful today. And I'm grateful you read this, even if you hate it. Bring on the mallet.

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  • I've never deleted a post, but I've written some bad ones before, no doubt. They can be good and bad. Good because you'll always try to make the next one better, bad because now I over-think them:)...

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