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Chicago Summer: The Good and Bad (and these are all *really* difficult problems, mind you)

Chicago Summer: Again, the ups and downs of a season that I love. It’s summer in Chicago. It’s been arguably called one of the best places to be during this time (which, I do agree with).  But, as I was similarly saying in a recent post related to Festival Season in Chicago (which does go... Read more »

Festivus for the rest of us: Oh, the people you'll see.

Update on Festivus for the rest of us: Oh, the people. So, I went to Taste of Randolph tonight hoping it would not be as rave-tastic as Do Division. It wasn’t. But, after a long chat with one of my best friends and some great people watching, it was determined there are classifications of people... Read more »

Festivus for the rest of us? The ups and downs of festival season in Chicago.

Festival Season in Chicago: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Now, everyone knows that Chicago is famous for their street festivals once summer rolls around. They are usually a lovely time. Minus a few minor (maybe major) details. Food, drinks, people watching? Some of my favorite things. These below... Read more »