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Things people say in the Gold Coast.

So, for anyone who has lived in, visited, or just passed through the Gold Coast, we know it’s a very interesting area. For a variety of reasons. Which, I am about to get into below. I will give a full disclaimer I have uttered some of these phrases (ahem, some of the bratty sounding ones)…..... Read more »

Growing up in the 90's in Chicago. The awesome and not so awesome.

The 90’s were a delightful time, filled with all sorts of whimsical fun. However, some things could have been improved upon a bit, as I discuss below. 1)   AOL. This is filed under awesome and not awesome. Remember dashing home from school to hop online to talk to the friend that you literally just walked... Read more »

Places I'd like to avoid in Chicago.

Chicago is a great city. So much to do, so much to see. However, after living here, well, forever, there are a few places I’d rather not be if I can help it. The list below just begins to describe some. 1)   The Comcast “Service Center” on North Ave. This place is like entering the... Read more »

For those of you who didn't read my old blog..or for those who want to re-read....enjoy.

It’s apparently fair that guys make “red flags” lists about girls, so why shouldn’t I be able to do the same? Fitting that this post on May 2 is coming back to life. Enjoy or hate. It’s your opinion. So, you’ve met this guy. Aww. Good for you. Things seem to be going well. You... Read more »