Things that are unacceptable- Part One.

Things that are unacceptable: Part One.

Now, seeing as this blog is just a random collection of thoughts, it is not a surprise that this list is in no particular categorized or hierarchical order. These are just many things that I find to be unacceptable, ranging from very minute to more major.

1)   A 4:30am phone call with a message left in an indecipherable incoherent manner, even to a forensics expert, is not okay. Ever.

2)   Hot dog stuffed crust pizza. I recently saw this on the news. It (shockingly) hasn’t made its way to the U.S. yet. I mean, come on. Even for us heart-attack food loving Chicagoans this takes things to a new level of hypertension.

3)   The over-cream or under-cream of your morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts. If I wanted a glass of milk, I would have asked for one. If I wanted a cup of espresso, would have also asked for one. Thanks.

4)   The dude on the corner of State and Washington telling everyone they are going to hell. Most of us are already aware. We don’t need a reminder from your broke ass microphone.

5)   Now, I realize this could be taken as hypocritical as I ripped on food that is bad for you just a few lines earlier, but this is unacceptable nonetheless. When going to Taco Bell or McDonalds and you ask for hot sauce or ketchup and you receive one packet. One packet? Really? What is that going to do? I should have just microwaved mini tacos from Trader Joe’s and put my own hot sauce on.

6)   Bikers who do not follow the rules of the road. If you are going to ride your bike in the street as if you were a vehicle, ACT AS A VEHICLE. And don’t flick me off because you nearly run me over as I am following the rules like an upstanding pedestrian.

7)   Cab drivers who look at you as if you are offering to pay them in lettuce when you offer a credit card as payment. It says in bold print that I am allowed to do so on my bill of rights. It’s money. I don’t get this. I’ve gotten a free ride from Wrigleyville to the Gold Coast because I wanted to pay with credit card and my driver was so angry. So, maybe this is acceptable.

8)   A lot of country music. Sorry. My opinion. Be offended if you want. You can rebut with “electronic music sucks”. I won’t cry.

9)   An overuse of emoticons if not for funny purposes in any text message. You are not possibly that happy or sad. If you are, maybe you need some professional help.

10)  My iPhone dropping calls about every 13 seconds. I live in one of the world’s largest cities and it’s if I am in rural Utah trying to get service. I could literally be standing next to an AT&T tower and I bet you I could not have a full conversation. I’ve had to utter “Can you hear me now?” more than that commercial that was popular a few years back. I’ve been considering getting a messenger pigeon. It might be more efficient.

11)  Stealing from Curb your Enthusiasm, anytime someone “upstreams” you for a cab. If you’re not familiar, this is when you are clearly waiting patiently for a cab for 10 minutes, and someone walks about 2 feet in front of you and catches said cab. NOT OKAY.

12)  Standing in a group of 10 people blocking the sidewalk on Michigan Avenue at 12pm on a Saturday afternoon. Welcome to Chicago, I’m glad you’re here, but, please, move it to the side. The American Girl store is <--that way. Thanks.

More to come. Part Two. On its way. Have a good one, folks.

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  • #4 is hilarious! Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

  • Very good! So true!

    I hope "Part Two's" are not within the no-acceptance zone.

  • i love this.... but what about the tourists (ok not always tourists) that won't move from the door because they think they'll miss their stop?
    the train doors are not going to close on you!!! and if by some miracle they do, you can STILL get to the Palmer House if you get off at Madison!!!

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