Things that are good. I'm not complaining for once.

Seeing as that I usually provide a sarcastic outlook on everything, I decided, hey, let’s have actually have a positive take on some things that I find to be good. This, again, is in no particular order, as some range from the really important to the really, well, not so important.

*Hearing that a loved one close to you is closer and closer to beating a chronic illness.

*Finding that crumpled five dollars that has been hidden in your handbag. Hey, five bucks is five bucks, no?

*Having best friends that will text you back and call you even though you are complaining about the same “problem” for the 894th time.

*Wayne's World. I can't ever drive on 88 thinking "I live in Aurora, which is a suburb of Chicago....excellent."

*The original Mario Kart for Super Nintendo. I still stand that Yoshi was the best pick as he was the most solid and consistent in his abilities. Bowser, too slow- Mario, too cliché; didn’t trust Toad. I would have never passed Rainbow Road if not for that little amazing dinosaur.

*Having a six year old tell you they are better at math than you are. (This may not necessarily be “good” but it’s definitely hilarious….and sadly, true.)

*Chili’s. (Don’t judge. I may just loooove Sunda and the like, but there’s nothing like a nice Saturday Chili’s lunch.)

*Waking up after an, um, long night and realizing there is a Smart Water mysteriously placed next to your bedside. Give props to yourself for thinking ahead the night before.

*Being in the “Less than ten items” line at “the Jewel” and, holy hell, no one has more than ten items. Sorry my friend, but your cart that could feed a small country does not belong in this place when I am simply trying to buy my Baked Lays and a Diet Coke.

*The Eagle Man commercials. Yes, was it filmed with a budget of probably, oh, $50? But has it provided years of entertainment? Yes.

*Pizza puff from Five Faces. Enough said.

*Having a conversation iPhone to iPhone and the call not dropping once for ten minutes. Nice to not have to resort to a tin can via rope method of communication.

*Not having to commute on 290 every day, therefore removing road rage from your well-being. Probably faster to walk home from the Western burbs to downtown.

*Finding the oh-so-famous hit “Yolanda” on Spotify and playing it on replay. For hours. I swear I’m not OCD.

*To go with the above, any early 90’s Chicago music played on the B96 “Top Nine at Nine”. (Do they still do this? I’m old and I don’t know.)

*That first day in Chicago when you feel the winter chill is out of the air and that Spring is actually coming. No more saving parking spaces with chairs. Relief.

*Sitting with your cousins for hours watching YouTube videos that mostly revolve around parodies of Billy Mays (R.I.P.). Very compelling though, as I think I need some “Kaboom” to make my shower impeccable.

*Living in Chicago. Plain and simple.

There’s many other good things in life, but these just come to mind at the moment. I know my taste in “what is good” may be questionable, but, hey, that’s just me. If you agree, then you are “what is good” also.

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