Overanalyzed song lyrics. Because, who doesn't do that?

Welcome all, to the new blog. I've decided to switch things up a bit and shift away from only discussing relationships and now, just discussing random tidbits, which probably suits me more. In light of the Lolla 2012 playlist being released, I started thinking about music from the "good times" (aka the 90's and early 2000's.). I'd like to talk about some old songs that I've taken my time to overanalyze, because, well, that is just what I do.

Now, I'd like to think I have pretty decent taste in music. There are some questionable artists in heavy rotation on my playlist (cough, Phil Collins, cough cough, Hall and Oates), but overall, I'd like to think I know what I'm talking about.  I've thought in great depth about a few certain songs- their meaning, their purpose, or sheer lack thereof. Without further ado, I give you the following:

 Macarena, by Los Del Rio

You must have been living in an underground compound the last 20 years if you cannot recite the entire chorus of this song. This song came on last summer while I was driving home on my horrendous commute from the Western burbs to downtown. It's amazing that in Chicago it can take you as long to get home as it would to fly to New York if you're traveling on 290.  It proved quite hard to do the accompanying fancy hand gestures while driving and trying to text message at the same time. (I'm kidding, Mom.) However, has anyone ever taken the time to actually listen closely to the verses of this song? No, because everyone is too busy furiously trying to keep up with the hand motions. However, I'm not everyone, and I'd like to note a little tidbit I discovered in the second verse:

"Now don't you worry about my boyfriend

The boy who's name is Vitorino

I don't want him, couldn't stand him

He was no good so I

Now come on, what was I suppose to do

He was out of town and his two friends were so fine"

Hmm. Does anyone find this to be a little problematic? Macarena is quite the jolly, fun loving girl. And by jolly and fun loving, I mean a two-timing floosie. Apparently the kind of girl who likes to, uh, hang out with not one, but TWO of her boyfriend's friends when he's out of town for the weekend. Poor Vitorino. Probably none the wiser to Macarena's scheming ways. I'd like to hear his side of the story so see if he's really no good or if Macarena is just trying to justify her wandering eye.

Cotton Eyed Joe, by the (appropriately named) Rednex

Can we say roller skating party at the Palladium in Glenview? This was clearly an "All Skate" song, not a "Couples Skate" song, in which I certainly was sitting in the cafeteria eating delicious frozen pizza with a side of a Drumstick ice cream cone. Whoever thought this song was ever a good idea needs to be banished from humanity. Who was sitting around thinking, "Great idea, fellas...let's take an already annoying country hook, put it over an even more obnoxious Casio-keyboard generated techno riff, and call it a party!" ? This song combines two of the most arguably awful forms of music that exist today. (Disclaimer: I do love techno. Just not....this type.) Either nightmares of that or being in the John Barleycorn Wrigleyville upstairs party room circa last year. You pick.

 Informer, by Snow


Oh, I just time transported back to 1993 on the Niles Free Bus heading to Golf Mill while my friends and I collectively listened to this on my "Discman" (high class). This one even proved particularly difficult with someone with such a keen ear like myself to analyze. You know why? Because not a person existing on this planet can recite one word of the song besides "Informmmmerrrrrrr dinososogsogosogblam. A-lick yo boom boom down". That's exactly what he says, too. Cracking the code of the lyrics of this song would be like cracking the code to launch nuclear warfare. I actually think that might be easier. Yet, was this song on repeat amongst me and all of my friends? Of course it was.


I Whupped Batman's Ass, by Wesley Willis

This song could probably use the help of a licensed medical professional to analyze. However, say what you will about Wesley Willis (RIP); I think many of his songs are quite clever and spot on (i.e., "Rock and Roll McDonalds" and "Cut the Mullet"..."tell the barber you are sick of looking like an asshole" might be one of the funniest lines EVER uttered in any song. Period.) However, this one is a bit more cryptic. Says Wesley, "Batman got on my nerves. He was running me amok. He ridiculed me calling me a bum." Now, this is not cool. Not cool to harass the homeless. (Ahem, never. Especially to deck one outside of the 7-11 in the Gold Coast.) Batman is probably symbolic of a 22 year old Lincoln Park frat boy who thought it was "funny" to harass a homeless guy at the Fullerton EL stop. There is my interpretation.

Any ads from the last decade 

Hey, catchy advertising that sucks doesn't necessarily mean it's not good advertising: case in point, I couldn't tell you what the newest Mercedes Benz looks like but I can certainly tell you that Victory Auto Wreckers is located at 710 E. Green in Bensenville. Maybe I should just call Peter Francis Geraci while I'm at it. And order a carpet from Luna. Free flooooooring.

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  • The real question with regard to Victory Auto Wreckers is why Svengoolie took over the voice over duties from Dean Richards.

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