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Things that are good. I'm not complaining for once.

Seeing as that I usually provide a sarcastic outlook on everything, I decided, hey, let’s have actually have a positive take on some things that I find to be good. This, again, is in no particular order, as some range from the really important to the really, well, not so important. *Hearing that a loved... Read more »

Texts from..last night, this morning, yesterday afternoon….whenever. A sampling of the good, bad, ugly, and just plain funny- Part One.

So, we all know that no one actually talks on the phone anymore, right? Everything is communicated via text. Thank God for that since I have an iPhone, and can barely even make any phone calls. Here is a sampling of some texts I’ve received and text exchanges that I’ve been a part of. Blatantly... Read more »

Things that are unacceptable: Part Two.

Ok, as promised, I would write a second part to a very random gathering of things that I personally find to be unacceptable.  Again, these are in no particular order, and some range from much more serious to much more minute. 1)   The sudden absence of human cashiers from every CVS on the North Side... Read more »

Things that are unacceptable- Part One.

Things that are unacceptable: Part One. Now, seeing as this blog is just a random collection of thoughts, it is not a surprise that this list is in no particular categorized or hierarchical order. These are just many things that I find to be unacceptable, ranging from very minute to more major. 1)   A 4:30am... Read more »

Overanalyzed song lyrics. Because, who doesn't do that?

Welcome all, to the new blog. I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and shift away from only discussing relationships and now, just discussing random tidbits, which probably suits me more. In light of the Lolla 2012 playlist being released, I started thinking about music from the “good times” (aka the 90’s and early... Read more »