Donna Day 2016: How you can help end childhood cancer!

This photo is of beautiful Donna, and today is her day. It’s the 5th Annual “Donna Day”, a day honoring the daughter of my friend and fellow ChicagoNow blogger Sheila Quirke. Sheila and her husband lost sweet Donna to childhood cancer in 2009, and you can learn more about their story here. I am always... Read more »

"The trouble is, you think you have time."

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” – (Did Buddha really say this? I mean, I know everything I read on the internet is true…but, let’s go with Buddha for now.) This quote has particularly resonated with me as of late. For some reason, this much more so than the usual “Appreciate the day”... Read more »

For some of us, every month is Melanoma Awareness Month

Every year, the month of May is “Melanoma Awareness Month”. Information about melanoma becomes widely dispersed over social media regarding melanoma in the hopes of bringing awareness to the public on the subject. Information ranges from tips on sun safety and prevention, tips to identify melanoma, facts and debunked myths about melanoma, new research data... Read more »

Then March Arrives

Can we all let out a sigh of relief? Is winter finally over? March has arrived with a flood of sunshine and “warmth”. We have made it through the cold, gray, stagnant months of winter. Cold wind that sharply slaps your face. Not seeing the sun for days. Blizzards. Ice. Sleet. Wintry mix. A sense... Read more »

It's not too early for kindness this holiday season.

It’s only the first week of November, but already, the season is upon us. The holiday season. Christmas carols. Christmas coupons. Decorations. Holiday shopping. Religious services. Ugly sweaters. Holiday parties. Green and red M&M’s. I am not quite ready this year. I wish we could fast forward to January 1st.  As I walked into the... Read more »

Call your mom today

( I found this image posted on a friend’s Facebook page. The sharp realization that I will never be able to jovially nudge a friend in the arm after seeing a sign like this and say “Aw, man, no wifi? Man, that sucks. I need to give Ter (my mom) a call anyways to check... Read more »

Healthy? Stop complaining and start living.

Let’s admit it. We all have some complaints every day. “I wish I didn’t have to go to work or school today”. “My mom/dad/wife/husband/partner/kid is so annoying.” “I got stuck in traffic. ” “I’m tired.” “I don’t want to work out.”  “My cell phone battery is dead and I missed your text about Game of... Read more »

Donna Day 2014: What you need to know to be a hero

The picture above is of a beautiful young girl, Donna, who left us far too soon in her brave fight with pediatric cancer. The past few years in my family have unfortunately been years in which the word “cancer” has not been an unfamiliar term to us. My mom has fought (like a champion, mind... Read more »

Are SmartPhones ruining our well-being?

Ok, so maybe I’m being dramatic. But let me explain why I believe this is a true phenomenon. Before smartphones, there were Nokia brick phones. Before that, there was this crazy thing called a landline, which  “OH MY GOD YOU DISCONNECTED ME FROM AOL” probably resonates with the peers of my generation. The smartphone is... Read more »

Respect the belt: Etiquette is a lost art

So, for any of you that are my Facebook friends, you may have seen a picture I posted last week that looked a little something like this: (I was struggling to carry a huge basket of groceries, nearly falling out, my arm about to be severed from the weight of the basket, and the woman... Read more »