So long to summer (and School's Out!)

So long to summer (and School's Out!)

Wow, that was fast, huh? Seems like June was just yesterday. Yet, here we are making Labor Day plans and getting the kiddos ready for back-to-school (And many kids have been back in school for a week or so already. Poor buggers.).

This is the final entry on School's Out! You know what they say, right?  All good things must come to an end! I've ha a blast sharing the best summer family activities in Chicago and the Wisconsin Dells.

Before I say goodbye . . . . if you are debating a trip to the Dells this weekend, here are five reasons to go for it.

Of course, this isn't the last that you will hear from me. It will be business as usual over at Wee Windy City. I'll be posting about the very best that Chicago has to offer families (for summer -- and also fall, winter and spring).  So I'll see you there? Okay, good.


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