5 Reasons to go to the Wisconsin Dells before summer is over

5 Reasons to go to the Wisconsin Dells before summer is over

Is it just me or has this summer been lightening fast? Maybe it has literally been the crazy amount of extreme heat that we've seen in the Midwest lately, but June and July have really flown by. August is around the corner. It is now or never of summer fun, friends.

As we start to gear up for back-to-school time, I have been thinking about planning one last little summer family getaway. If you are mulling over some ideas to escape for one last summer fling, I wanted to share with you some (pretty compelling, I think) reasons to consider a quick trip up to the Wisconsin Dells.

  1. Special deals and packages. The Wisconsin Dells offers tons of special pricing on getaway packages -- but many of these deals expire at the end of August. Take a peek at some of the current offers and jump on one while you can!
  2. The Great Outdoors. Don't get me wrong, I believe that an indoor waterpark is a wonderful thing -- when it is raining or cold outside. But an outdoor waterpark (where kids can splash around under sunny skies) just trumps the indoor option every time. While the Wisconsin Dells offers plenty of water fun year-round, your opportunity to enjoy the outdoor water parks is limited to the summer. So go now in order to take advantage of both the outdoor and indoor fun!
  3. The Memories. When I was growing up, I loved family traditions -- like visiting the same lake house in Wisconsin every year or road trips to visit my grandparents. Those are the memories from my childhood that have stuck with me as an adult. Special family getaways are the types of experiences that kids (and their parents) will remember in the years to come. You won't regret spending this quality time together.
  4. Start the New School Year Off Right.  Think of it from your kid's perspective -- school is starting up any minute now and they are about to jump back into the daily routine. How thrilled will they be to discover that the whole family is taking one last summer trip before getting back to work? You will kick off the school year as the best parents ever (major leverage in this position!).
  5. Fun for You Too! Sure you may be dreading the drive up to the Dells with restless kids in the car. Or maybe you fear that you'll find yourself at a totally packed waterpark with not an inch to move. But the reality is that watching our kids have the time of their lives is really the best kind of fun for parents too.  I find it hard to not let go of my day-to-day stresses when I am splishing and splashing around with my happy little ones.  It's just . . .  fun!

Ready to start planning that last-minute summer getaway, I suggest you visit www.wisdells.com to get started with your planning (that's what I would do)!

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