Dining out (with kids) in the Wisconsin Dells

Dining out (with kids) in the Wisconsin Dells
The Cheese Factory in the Wisconsin Dells

When you vacation in the Wisconsin Dells, you work up a serious appetite. Trust me on this. Hours of family fun at the waterpark capital of the world really burns through the calories.

The little water-logged people in your life are going to be frequently exclaiming: "Mom, we are hungry!"

So what are your options when it comes to dining in the Dells? Dining in the Wisconsin Dells area is a casual, family-friendly affair for the most part (and let's be honest -- if you are traveling with your kids, you aren't in the market for a fine dining experience).

Here are some of our favorite picks from the vast selection of Wisconsin Dells eateries.

Breakfast: I definitely recommend starting your day with full bellies (because your kids are going to burn a crazy amount of calories). Paul Bunyan's Northwood's Cook Shanty is an iconic Wisconsin Dells Eatery. If this is your first trip to the Dells, you have to make a stop here (come hungry -- really hungry).  We also like Mr. Pancake for your basic pancakes, waffles and omelets.

Pizza: If you like to dine with a set of moose antlers on (or if your kids would get a giggle out of this get-up), make a trip to Moosejaw Pizza and Brewing Co.  Pizza for the kiddos. A handcrafted beer for mom and dad. A win-win situation for everyone!

Burgers: Monk's Bar and Grill at Wilderness serves your basic bar food (thin burgers, sandwiches, appetizers). But kids get their food in a frisbee that they get to take home with them (its the little things, you know).

Contemporary American: If you are looking for a menu that offers sophisticated entrees, sandwiches and salads for mom and dad and a nice kid's menu for little diners, try the High Rock Cafe in the downtown Dells.

Vegetarian: Vegans and vegetarians have plenty of options at The Cheese Factory. We especially loved the desserts here -- and the staff was super friendly and welcoming to our kiddos.

I would love to hear dining recommendations from other experienced Wisconsin Dells family diners. Tell me -- what are your family's faves?


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