Noah's Ark: Possibly the coolest waterpark in all of America

Noah's Ark: Possibly the coolest waterpark in all of America

Sure, you've probably been to a couple of waterparks in your lifetime. But until you've stepped foot into Noah'a Ark, you haven't really seen anything.

Noah's Ark is the country's largest waterpark. This place features 49 water slides (what!), 2 wave pools, 2 endless rivers, and 4 separate kiddie play areas. Thrill seekers flock to the Scorpion's Tale, America's first looping water slide (this is a bit too intense for my group but I've heard it is quite fun).

This year, Noah's Ark debuted Quadzilla, a $1 million family mat racer slide that stands 47 feet tall, with lanes that run 323 feet long.  How can that be, you ask?  Because the four slides making up this ride are literally braided and twisted together, a first-of-its-kind for this community.  Riders will plunge head first on Quadzilla, reaching top speeds of just over 20 mph.  If you do the math, that’s 24 seconds from top to bottom.  The lanes start out enclosed, but as you race to the bottom, they become open lanes so you can see who’s winning in the side-by-side competition.  As you crest over vertical curves and gain even more speed toward the bottom, be prepared to experience a feeling of weightlessness. This is for you brave folks out there!

When we visited Noah's Ark when our kids were little, we mostly stuck to the Tadpole Bay kiddie play area. Even this space has a ton of water features and activities to keep my little ones busy. We also really enjoyed floating around on rafts in the endless rivers.

As our kids get older, we are starting to branch out and explore what else is out there. This is the type of place where every member of your family can have hours and hours of fun. In particular, families with older kids will be able to experience some real thrills at this water wonderland.

I wanted to share a few tips for first-time visitors.

  • Although the parking is free, admission to Noah's Ark can be pricey for a large group. Check out the ticket prices and special deals online and consider purchasing tickets in advance of your visit to save some cash.
  • In order to get your money's worth, plan to spend most of your day at Noah's Ark.
  • To that end, I would consider packing your food and eating at the picnic table area (no offense to the folks at Noah's Ark, but amusement park food is amusement park food).
  • Don't forget to bring your own towels (or you'll have to buy Sponge Bob Square Pants towels in the gift shop like we did)!
  • Do remember to check your buttoned-up, adult attitude at the door and let the kid in you have a blast!

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