What's new on the Wisconsin Dells waterpark scene

What's new on the Wisconsin Dells waterpark scene

On the one hand, I love that the Wisconsin Dells is very much the same place that it was when I visited as a child. There are not too many places like that (and I love shows like the Tommy Bartlett Show now as much as I did as a child). However, that is not to say that everything about the Wisconsin Dells is the same as it was 3o years ago! Waterslides have come a long way, baby!

In fact, 2012 is a year of many changes and a lot of firsts in the Wisconsin Dells. Here is a quick rundown of new waterpark rides and attractions in the Dells this summer.  For details on all Wisconsin Dells has to offer (both new and old), check out www.wisdells.com.In Waterpark News . . . .

  • Noah’s Ark Waterpark, America’s Largest Waterpark, is debuting Quadzilla, a $1 million family mat racer slide that stands 47 feet tall, with lanes that run 323 feet long.  How can that be, you ask?  Because the four slides making up this ride are literally braided and twisted together, a first-of-its-kind for this community.  Riders will plunge head first on Quadzilla, reaching top speeds of just over 20 mph.  If you do the math, that’s 24 seconds from top to bottom.  The lanes start out enclosed, but as you race to the bottom, they become open lanes so you can see who’s winning in the side-by-side competition.  As you crest over vertical curves and gain even more speed toward the bottom, be prepared to experience a feeling of weightlessness.
  • At Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center, they’ve literally raised the roof to install two indoor Super Loop waterslides, the first of their kind in the world, the Sahara Sidewinders.  These slides stand 65 feet tall, which meant extending a section of the roof to accommodate the added height.  You’ll even be able to see the top of these slides from the interstate.  Riders will step into the slide and brace themselves as a trapdoor opens below their feet, sending them rocketing at speeds up to 25 mph.  Kalahari also installed an additional free fall slide for the really adventurous called the Screaming Hyena.  While the new slides will be a hit with tweens and teens, the toddlers have not been left out, as the resort has opened a new kid’s play zone called Tiko’s Watering Hole, with more than a dozen kiddie slides and interactive African animal figures – think grey-crowned cranes doubling as squirt guns.  A rain tree gushes water as if it’s raining for added squeals.
  • Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort is adding two new water tube-style slides, each standing five stories tall and featuring a space-themed launch capsule and trap door, to its Lost World Waterpark.  The Lunar Loop will propel riders into a nearly vertical spiral, while the Cosmic Drop will be a straight plunge that feels like a free fall.  Riders can reach speeds up to 40 mph thanks to maximum G force.  Both of these behemoths will be in the Glacier Canyon Lodge section of the sprawling resort, the country’s largest combo indoor/outdoor waterpark property.
  • Over at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Parks, their archeological crew has “excavated” the $3 million Lost City of Atlantis, a gigantic outdoor water fortress that is easy to spot at a whopping six stories tall.  Tailored for all age groups, the Lost City of Atlantis will feature a monster dump bucket and seven water slides including a bowl ride, boomerang slide, family tube slide, kids’ water slides and a geyser blasting water over 160 feet.
  • The new splash pad at Sherwood Forest Camping & RV Park proves waterpark fun doesn’t have to be limited to just waterpark resorts.  This zero-depth attraction is festooned with rainbow water arches, squirt cannons and geysers.

Next week, I'll be spotlighting what's new in entertainment, outdoor recreation, and dining in the Wisconsin Dells this year.

And I'd love to hear from you too! Do you love the Wisconsin Dells? Want to share your top 10 family-friendly Wisconsin Dells activities or destinations? Email me at weewindycity@gmail.com and let's chat about a guest post!

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