Check out Mad Science at the Chicago Children's Museum (and meet the Launchinator!)

Check out Mad Science at the Chicago Children's Museum (and meet the Launchinator!)

A trip to the Chicago Children’s Museum (CCM) is a guaranteed good time at any time of the year. But if f you’re planning to visitthe CCM this June, be sure to bring your lab coat, goggles and plenty of curiosity. This month, CCM unleashed Mad Science!, a month-long tribute to the Mr. Hyde that lies deep down in all of us.

“Chicago Children’s Museum has always been committed to fostering an excitement for science,” said Jennifer Farrington, CCM president and CEO. “Children are concrete thinkers and learn best through first-hand observations and investigations, and we really took that to heart when developing this theme and associated programs. And because we specialize in fun, there’s a ton of that, too.”

Mad Science! programs start at 12:30 p.m. every day, and children and families have plenty of opportunities to have fun while developing valuable science-based skills. Programs include:

  • The Launchinator – CCM’s biggest, most powerful catapult ever will unleash its fury every Monday and Wednesday in June. Massive targets hang in the museum’s Great Hall, and we guarantee this crowd favorite will not disappoint.
  • 3-2-1...Rocket Blast Off! - How high can it fly? Design a “rocket” out of recycled materials. Then launch it in CCM’s Great Hall!
  • Goo and You - Are you ready to get messy and experiment? Mix up some goo (really, it’s snot hard!) that drips, pools and makes you wonder. Is it a liquid, a solid, something weird and icky?
  • The Bubble that Ate Chicago - Explore the science of bubbles on CCM’s terrace! Experiment with soap, water, shape and surface tension and send humongous building-chomping bubbles out toward the city’s skyline.
  • Paint with Science - Create beautiful, bold paintings and your own marbleized paper while testing if water and oil truly don’t mix.

Mad Science! runs through June 30. For more information on specific dates and times, please visit the museum’s website calendar. Can't wait to check this out with my kiddos when they are out of school!

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