Time to say so long to School's In

Time to say so long to School's In

This is the final fall posting in School's In! And yes, that means winter is right around the corner. Well, maybe I am exaggerating slightly. But you definitely want to have your winter coats, boots, scarves and hats at the ready because there are chilly days ahead.

I hope that you've found some good ideas for fall family fun -- right here in the Chicago area and also in the very family-friendly Wisconsin Dells.

Over the past few weeks, we've talked about many fabulous Halloween happenings, plus some fun, local cultural offerings.
We also covered some of the reasons you might want to sneak away to the Wisconsin Dells for a long weekend at this time of year.

Even though winter is calling, the Midwest continues to offer families a ton of opportunities for family fun. We've got the holidays, long school breaks, outdoor recreational activities -- and plenty more to look forward to while we wait for the return of warmer temperatures.

Until we meet again, be well -- and get out there and have fun with your kids (even if you have to bundle up). If you are
looking for more ideas for family fun in the coming months, you can always visit me over at Wee Windy City.

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