See Cirque Shanghai Extreme at Navy Pier

See Cirque Shanghai Extreme at Navy Pier

Last year, I took my two oldest kids to see the Cirque Shanghai performance at Navy Pier and I swear that their eyes are still bulging out of their heads in shock over what they saw at the show. Mine too!

This is a really impressive show -- the likes of which I doubt you have seen before.

Think acrobatics combined with aerialists and motorcycle stunts. It really is non-stop entertainment. These stunts will wow even the most skeptical kid.

This year's show is called Cirque Shanghai Extreme. Performances take place at the Skyline Stage at Navy Pier through September 5th. Children are $15 and adult tickets start at $17.50. There are both day and night time performances Wednesday through Sunday.

Totally worth the trip to Navy Pier to see this show (and you can also catch the free fireworks if you go on Wednesday or Sunday nights).

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