Wisconsin Deer Park: A One-of-a-Kind Experience

Wisconsin Deer Park: A One-of-a-Kind Experience

If you get a chance to make it up to the Wisconsin Dells this summer, you must put a trip to the Wisconsin Deer Park on your itinerary. Trust me when I tell you that this is something that you've never experienced before.

The Wisconsin Deer Park features a variety of animals including emu, peacocks, goats, horses, pigs, rabbits, bison, and of course deer. Most of the animals are behind gates or fences like you would see at a zoo. But not the deer.

Visitors enter through gates and are greeted by hundreds of deer roaming the property. They come right up to you. Guests are encouraged to feed the deer snacks that are being sold on site. When we visited last year, my daughter really loved this up-close-and-personal encounter with wildlife. My younger son was not a crazy about the experience (likely because he was eye-to-eye with the deer). Because of signs throughout the property indicating that running and loud noises scare the deer, I kept my 18 month-old up in a baby carrier (he tends to both run and make lots of loud noises).

Definitely visit the website's very helpful FAQ page before you bring your brood for a visit -- very helpful info.

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