Kayaking with kids in Chicago

Kayaking with kids in Chicago

Photo courtesy of Kayak Chicago.

Thinking about trying something new this summer? How about kayaking down the Chicago River --  with your kids. Sounds like a great family adventure to me.

Kayak Chicago offers three-hour architectural and historical tours of the north branch
of the Chicago River. Participants are fitted with life jackets, choose
their kayaks, and get a beginner's lesson in maneuvering the boat. The
cost is $50 per person, $25 for kids age 8 and under.

Dave Olson, the owner of Kayak Chicago says that any age child can go kayaking in a
tandem kayak with an adult, but kids need to be at least 12 years old to
paddle a single kayak on their own. He specifically recommended the
architectural tours because the experience includes lots of stops along
the way plus plenty of stories about the history of Chicago, the river,
and surrounding architecture.

If parents are up for a later night with the kids, Dave said that the
fireworks paddle is a big hit with families.

Dave also
shared a few tips for parents to help make this experience a positive
one for the kiddos. He suggested bringing along a snacks, drinks and
even a toy like binoculars or a disposable camera for daytime or glow
sticks for a nighttime tour. Love those ideas.

If this sounds like an experience that your kids would love, check out
the Kayak Chicago website for more information.



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