Scenes from the Wisconsin Dells: Day 1

We just got back into town from our mini-vacation to the Wisconsin Dells. We all had a great time (and boy, are we tired from all of that non-stop playing!).

I thought you might want a little glimpse into our getaway (in case you might be thinking of planning your own family trip).

On Sunday morning, we packed up the ol' family car and prepared to head out. Swimsuits? Check. Snacks? Check. Sunscreen? Check (although it turns out that we wouldn't end up needing any of that). Kids? Check.

And we were off!

The drive took just under three hours (including one stop for gas and
one bathroom break). As we approached the Dells exits on I-90, my kids saw the
huge waterpark slides at the Kalahari Resort and they
started to get really excited.

Although the kids wanted to get right into
their swimsuits, we decided that we needed a bite to eat first. We
pulled into Monk's
at The Wilderness
and ordered up burgers (because that seemed to be
the thing to eat at Monk's!). This casual spot was super kid-friendly
(as were all of the other restaurants we ate at). Kids got crayons to
color while we waited, lots of options from a kid's menu, and
spill-proof cups with lids (a big plus). From our patio table, we could see more
slides at the waterparks at The
. The kids were getting anxious to actually get in some
water so we quickly ate our lunches and headed off to check into our

The Glacier
Canyon Lodge at Wilderness
is an absolutely huge resort. Massive. If we spent every minute of our vacation just at the hotel, I don't think that we would have seen every attraction or activity. Seriously, it is a vacation all onto itself. After checking into our spacious first-floor room overlooking the Lost World
Waterpark, we headed out for some fun. My kids absolutely loved the Lost
. This large space had something for all ages. We stuck
primarily to the dino-themed play area, the raft river and a pool that
featured basketball hoops and a rope bridge (my daughter became obsessed
with this activity). I loved the family vibe of this space and the fact that it wasn't terribly crowded -- perfect for my little ones.

After about an hour and a half, rain started to
fall so we decided to visit some other parts of the resort. Using an
indoor pedestrian bridge, we walked all the way to the other side of
Wilderness and spent some time in the indoor
four-story play space
and adjacent arcade. Good times for the kiddos.

When dinnertime rolled around, we decided to drive over to the
Downtown Wisconsin Dells
area and have a look around. As we drove
through the quaint downtown area, we saw fudge shops, souvenir stores,
ice cream parlors, and more attractions. We decided on the High Rock
for our dinner. We got the best seat in the house, next to a
floor-to-ceiling glass window overlooking the busy street below. The menu offered everything from fresh sandwiches and wraps to more upscale items like braised short ribs. The kids' meals included tons of fresh fruit on the side (I loved this and so did my kids).

After dinner, we took our full bellies and exhausted kids back to the hotel. One day of family fun down; one more to go. Check back tomorrow to find out how we spent Day Two in the Dells (you won't believe how many things we did in one single day).  


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