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After You Hug Your Children Tonight, What to Say About the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary

A CNN alert regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, CT appeared on my phone this morning and as my eyes read it, my brain immediately shouted back NO!  As more information became available, a sick feeling grew stronger in my stomach.  These were innocent children and the majority of the victims were... Read more »

If the President Can Make Time for Parent-Teacher Conferences, So Can You

If the President Can Make Time for Parent-Teacher Conferences, So Can You
This is the time of year that schools start to hold their parent-teacher conferences.  Will you be ready? Are you making time to attend your child’s parent-teacher conference? Last spring, Parenting Magazine editorial director,  Ana Connery addressed the Mom Congress with the theme of Parent Teacher Partnerships.  She relayed a story about having interviewed President... Read more »

Obama vs. Romney - On Education

Obama vs. Romney - On Education
I have been intending to write a post for School Zone covering where the presidential candidates stand on education related issues. Last week, my friend and Missouri Mom Congress Delegate, Angela McCormick posted where her research on this subject took her- so I asked her to guest blog what she found. Welcome Angela! Where do... Read more »
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