End of the School Year Burnout: This Blogger Nails It!

End of the School Year Burnout: This Blogger Nails It!

The end of the school year is here!  If we can just hang in there one more "half" day.

During the recent weeks in our household, bedtimes have been stretched to the limit for "school nights", snooze alarms have been hit, re-hit and then hit again, the groceries were scarce for lunches, and making it to the bus required a 100 yard dash every morning.  We are burning out--fast!

Scrolling through Facebook today there were many postings of Jen Hatmaker's blog entitled "Worst End of School Year Mom Ever."   This author and parent of five has openly declared that this late in the school year, she is tapped out.  She can't bear to complete another reading log, make another healthy lunch, or supervise another student project.  The pictures she included had me laughing.  Her post is hilarious and relatable- read it here.

It was comforting to realize- we are not alone in our end of the school year fade.   It happens to the best of us.  Even on a blog like School Zone, dedicated to all things promoting and supporting education and parenting,- we feel a need to slack off too!

When I was teaching full time, this same experience would hit me at year's end.  No matter how hard I tried, each morning I would arrive to work later and later and later as the academic year came to a close.  My usual "cushion" of drive time and prep time would shrink and I would rush guiltily past the school secretaries with embarrassment.

I know the teachers, principals, and support staff must be feeling this burnout too with the final grades to input, the last parent demands to acknowledge, and those lingering student records to be filed.

Let's take some time after that final dismissal bell to take a deep breath and celebrate all the hard work put into another school year.


We don't have to think about summer skills or reading programs for a least a week, but when you do, read this previous post on School Zone.  Coming in June, tips for keeping up skills over the summer. Be sure to subscribe now.

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  • Hi Lisa
    OMG that blog about end if school burnout was hilarious and so true! Thanks for sharing!

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