A Simple Thank You for Mother's Day

A Simple Thank You for Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I had good intentions of posting something earlier in the week related to this special day.

In keeping with my School Zone theme, my grand plan was to feature some of the outstanding education-advocates I met through Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress last spring. I would interview a few moms from across the country, create a picture gallery (mind you I haven’t learned exactly HOW to do that yet), and inspire a few readers in the process.

Yeah…that didn’t happen. Many other tasks presented themselves and took priority. I was far too busy with the business of motherhood. That plan got pushed to the bottom of the To Do List.

There were doctor appointments, car pools, PTO meetings, car repairs, teacher appreciation, homework, grocery shopping, house cleaning, yard work…..and so on.

A better post idea came to me today. A simple thank you to all of the mothers (and grandmothers) that I know and have known, both family and friends. You have inspired me, at times supported me, and I have learned from every one of you.

Whether it has been straight up advice from a neighbor, chats during play dates of toddler years past, swapping stories with friends on the sidelines of sporting events, or just observing relatives over the years and learning by osmosis- these experiences have helped me through this thing called motherhood.

I am lucky to keep learning from you all as this is one job that is constantly changing and requires some “on the job” training.

Just a week or so ago, I was laughing with a friend over the changes and challenges of parenting teens! When we went our separate ways- I thought how lucky I was to have another “mom” who understands.

So thank you mothers! Enjoy your day!

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Coming in June, tips and advice for keeping up with Summer Skills.


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