Meet “Mr. Roboto” and Celebrate National Robotics Week at MSI

Meet “Mr. Roboto” and Celebrate National Robotics Week at MSI
Murata Boy Robot at MSI

Say the word robot and I will word associate the Styx song from ages ago, “Mr. Roboto.” I can’t help it!

You may not necessarily meet the robot from the rock opera- but you will meet many “cousins” at National Robotics Week at MSI.


In fact, today only – Murata Boy, who can ride a bicycle, is featured.




The Museum of Science and Industry (MSI), Chicago hosts National Robotics Week from April 6th- 14th. Approximately 20 different robots from around the world will be on display throughout the week. Creators of some of the robots will be present to discuss their creations.

Here are some of the highlights not to miss:

  • Murata Boy- this robot gets around just like a human- riding a bicycle with incredible balance. Murata Boy demonstrates high-tech and energy-efficient capabilities. ONLY available April 6th
  • Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) Suit- turn yourself into a robot or super-human with this tremendous exoskeleton suit that magnifies the user’s strength. Lift or carry up to five times more than you typically can with this amazing technology
  • Cubelets- Build your own robot by combining these small, magnetic blocks together. Due to the various sensors and logic patterns built into each block, no complex wiring or programming education is need to create a robot that can drive around a tabletop or respond to light, sound, and temperature.
  • Paro Therapeutic Robot- You can’t resist this robot. Looking more like a stuffed animal that a robot, Paro is a soft, furry seal that has helped reduce stress for hospital and nursing home patients. Paro has five different sensors that allow him to perceive people, varying emotions, and environments. He also recognizes voice direction- responding to different names, greetings, and praise.

All robot demonstrations throughout the week are included in MSI general admission: $18 for adults, $17 for seniors, and $11 for kids 3-11. MSI, 5700 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL

Robots and times will vary; check for the complete schedule.

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