Glee Fans Win Money for Their School Band

Similar to an episode in Glee, some talented young musicians get together afterschool one day to find a way to help fund their junior high band and pay for broken instruments. The girls come up with a creative video to demonstrate their need for funds and low and behold win a contest!

Loyal Glee fans Caitlin Geist, Taylor Falconer, Becca Eberlein, and Sara Kennelly –students at Cary Junior High entered the Glee Give a Note Contest and won $10,000!

A recent School Zone post concerning cuts in funding for music education asked the question, “Who Will Save the Music?”

The answer…kids- that’s who!

After severe cuts to art and music education in their district, parents formed the Cary Band Association in order to provide some opportunities for children to participate in band. Caitlin, Taylor, Becca, and Sara are all band members and have been interested in music for a long time.

David Brachmann, the band director told his musicians about the Glee Give a Note Contest. The girls were motivated to enter, “my friends and I decided that we wanted to make a video because we love Glee and could win money to help our band program,” said Taylor. She and Caitlin Geist came up with the idea together. The contest required students make a creative video explaining their musical needs. Undaunted by the odds, Becca says “my friends and I figured how hard could it be?”

Parent Lara Falconer said “the girls put the video together completely on their own- no one discussed it or planned it with them.” With a few edits to fit contest rules, the video was submitted.

The girls were thrilled and shocked to learn they had won 2nd place and $10,000 when the Cary Junior High principal announced the news to the school. As Becca states, “The best we could do was try and we were amazed at how far simply trying your best gets you. We were happy to have been able to do something that had felt small to us at the time, and go on to make a difference.”

For their efforts, the girls were presented with an oversized check at their next band concert and a standing ovation. To help the Cary Band Association go to

What is happening in your community or school with art and music education?

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Girls Present Check to Cary Band Association


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    This is awesome news! Glee for "underdogs" forever!!

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