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Yes, I'm an Audiologist

When I dropped off lab coats at the cleaner this week, I was greeted by a new employee. As he unloaded my bundle he pretended to give himself a shot in the backside, and then asked me where I worked. When I replied, he cupped his ear and gave the never-gets-old response “what?!” Most people... Read more »

Tinnitus - The Uninvited Friend

When I think of tinnitus it reminds me of an unwanted dinner guest. The person that you did not expect to enter your home and unfortunately ended up sitting through a dinner you’ve hosted. They speak and act in a way that irritates you and your guests. You smile and are polite even though they... Read more »

Can anyone else hear these crickets?

With the onset of dizziness a few years back, I remember making my husband crazy looking for crickets in our house. I was certain that there were crickets. Of course, I was the only one who heard them and it took searching every corner to realize that they weren’t anywhere but in my own head.... Read more »

It's Only Rock and Roll and I Like It

I grew up listening to rock and roll. In my world, turning up those guitar rifts has always been a necessary evil. As good as it sounds, beware. Fact is, if you play music loud enough and long enough, you will do permanent damage to your hearing. If you’ve ever left a concert with your... Read more »

My Ears Are Ringing

Someone is talking about me. That’s what my mother used to say when my ears were ringing. Tinnitus or ear noises can be annoying. And you may be surprised to know that tinnitus can take many forms such as buzzing, whooshing, ticking, humming, music, even voices; the list is endless. Don’t worry if this describes... Read more »