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I can't hear the TV!

I can't hear the TV!
If everyone thinks that you have the television turned up too loud, it’s a sign that your hearing is changing. When your neighbors can hear what you are watching on your TV, it’s time to take action! I remember checking in on a family member after setting up a TV device earlier that day. When... Read more »

Say Yes To Hearing Help!

  Having trouble hearing? If the answer is YES, then there is help! If a medical professional has told you that there is no help for your hearing, it’s time for a second opinion. When you seek advice from a hearing professional because you are having difficulty hearing and you are told that you can’t... Read more »

Do I Look Old?

  Why are you not coming in to get your hearing checked? Research tells us that it equates to growing old. I get that. Ask my husband, he’ll tell you that I frequently find something new to complain about. It’s often another pill to take, an ache or new doctor to see. And please don’t... Read more »