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I can't hear the TV!

I can't hear the TV!
If everyone thinks that you have the television turned up too loud, it’s a sign that your hearing is changing. When your neighbors can hear what you are watching on your TV, it’s time to take action! I remember checking in on a family member after setting up a TV device earlier that day. When... Read more »

I Can't Hear in the Backseat of the Car!

When seated in the backseat of a vehicle, many of us struggle to hear the conversation coming from the front. This difficulty multiplies when the speed of the vehicle picks up. Much depends on the model of the automobile. Luxury cars tend to be quieter. Smaller cars are generally noisier. It truly is a combination... Read more »

Sound Voids

I heard you but have no idea what you said. Ever have a conversation that went this way? Q: “Is your watch accurate?” A: “Yes, I have plenty of of legroom.” That was my daughter and I in the car last week. It’s obvious that she didn’t hear the question I asked. A lot of... Read more »

Your Heart and Your Hearing

This may come as a surprise to you. Your heart and ears have a lot in common. The organ of hearing or cochlea requires a rich blood supply and needs to be bathed in the nutrients that are supplied by a healthy heart. When an Audiologist tests your hearing, there are patterns that suggest changes... Read more »

The Best Time to Get Your Hearing Checked

We always get asked “When’s a good time to get my hearing checked?” There are a few basic guidelines but we have always been of the strong belief that hearing care should be personalized. If you are 50 years of age or older and you haven’t had a baseline evaluation, take the time to schedule... Read more »

The First Step To Treating Hearing Loss

Taking the first step to treat your hearing can take you down many paths. You can make the choice to see an Audiologist or decide to select a product on your own, without the help of a professional. If you choose to select your own hearing device, that’s fine because an Audiologist can evaluate most... Read more »

What To Expect From A Hearing Test

A hearing evaluation is harmless. Have no fear.   There are no needles involved and you don’t have to study for it. It’s time that you schedule a baseline evaluation. The audiologist will take a thorough case history. Your ears will be examined. You will step into a soundproof booth. Headphones will be inserted or... Read more »