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Why Can't I Wear One Hearing Aid?

It always amazes me how frequently this question pops up. Who would ask for a monocle when both eyes need correction? Yet when it comes to ears, it’s a common request. Our hearing is at it’s best when the ears work as a team and there are three major benefits. The first is better hearing... Read more »

Shopping for Hearing Aids: Be prepared

Shopping for Hearing Aids: Be prepared
As a consumer, it is difficult to know the right questions to ask. When someone calls our office for the first time, it’s common that the first question is about price or product. We get that. It’s usually all that the caller knows to ask. Our job is to educate so that you are an... Read more »

No Secrets Here.....

If you’re holding back from scheduling an appointment for a hearing evaluation, you’ll love this news. The FDA has approved a hearing test that can be done in the privacy of your own home. And to top that off, last week the FDA also approved the sale of Bose hearing aids that can be purchased... Read more »

Earwax: A Pretty Gross Subject

Earwax: A Pretty Gross Subject
This is part of what I do all day long; I clean ears. It’s within an audiologist’s scope of practice. I usually get a chuckle when I tell my patients that cleaning ears is a much better job than selling shoes—even from shoe sales associates. People with loads of wax in their ears often ask,... Read more »

Personal Attention

Over the counter hearing aids will enter the marketplace and give consumers another choice. And along with that, our buying habits have changed. Amazon can get you exactly what you need, often with same day delivery. We can buy almost anything on the internet. The one thing that you can’t pick off of a shelf... Read more »