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It's Music to My Ears

It's Music to My Ears
Now more than ever, it’s important to put focus on maintaining good health. Adding music to your life is one way to lessen the everyday worries. Did you know that playing an instrument, listening to music and singing can have positive health benefits? Listening to music can help reduce anxiety and has shown to lower... Read more »

Welcome To The New Way of Working

  There have been a lot of firsts. Very few, if any of us were prepared to be working in a new and different way. It is so important to concentrate on what we can do. Not what we can’t do. We are doing what is possible and while it might look different, know that... Read more »

What Happened To My Hearing?!

  The sense of hearing diminishes as we age. And I’m not talking about baby boomers and beyond. During early adulthood is when we start losing ultra-high-frequency sounds which are not important for daily communication. Sounds that are audible during our teenage years, slowly diminish as we age. A while back, I read about a... Read more »

Embrace Disruption!

Every industry has disruption and the hearing industry has certainly had it’s share. Next fall there will be a new class of hearing aids available for purchase. The Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act is coming to fruition. The idea of over the counter solutions is not new. For many years we have seen amplifiers... Read more »

Love Your Ears

Your ears deserve attention. After all, hearing is one of your most important senses and if you think about it, hearing connects us to the world. Our ears allow us to stay safe in our environment. Hearing the blast of a horn, loud crash or even the drop of a glass causes us to make... Read more »

Protect Your Hearing For the 4th!

With the 4th of July approaching, here’s my plug for ear protection, (no pun intended). This is a time when you know that you will be watching fireworks, so don’t forget to pack ear plugs. And use them! It doesn’t take much to destroy your hearing. There are written formulas for how loud sound needs... Read more »

Yes, I'm an Audiologist

When I dropped off lab coats at the cleaner this week, I was greeted by a new employee. As he unloaded my bundle he pretended to give himself a shot in the backside, and then asked me where I worked. When I replied, he cupped his ear and gave the never-gets-old response “what?!” Most people... Read more »

I Can't Hear in the Backseat of the Car!

When seated in the backseat of a vehicle, many of us struggle to hear the conversation coming from the front. This difficulty multiplies when the speed of the vehicle picks up. Much depends on the model of the automobile. Luxury cars tend to be quieter. Smaller cars are generally noisier. It truly is a combination... Read more »

What Does an Audiologist Really Do?

Yes, we help people with hearing and balance. We educate on ear protection and provide relief for those with tinnitus. But I believe, Audiologists do so much more. An Audiologist improves the quality of one’s life. An Audiologist prevents social isolation. Participation in social activities actually increases lifespan. An Audiologist can help to reduce the... Read more »

Use It, Don't Lose It

As we age, there are so many changes to our bodies, ears included. Most often, hearing loss sneaks up on us. We are usually the last ones to notice that we need help. Someone asked me the other day, “Why should I get my hearing checked?” Here is the most important reason; untreated hearing loss... Read more »