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The Future Is Here

The Future Is Here
With the coming onslaught of over-the-counter hearing aids, we will see many products developed and released by companies new to the industry. I’ve been in this business long enough to watch manufacturers come and go. I have a personal connection and interest because back in the day, I worked for one of them. Consider 3M,... Read more »

Invisible Hearing Aids

No magic involved. There are invisible hearing aids. Research shows us that when asked, 60% of potential hearing aid wearers want an invisible solution. That means that most of us wish for a hearing device that no one else can see. Don’t let anyone tell you that this is not possible, especially if you have... Read more »

Hearing Aid Advertising

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. When I open up the Chicago Tribune most days, there are numerous one page ads for hearing aids. Buyer beware. Much of what you see is to get you to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. Yes, most businesses advertise because it is... Read more »

Get In The Loop. The Hearing Loop.

When you see this logo, the room you are about to enter has a hearing loop. A hearing loop is an amazing way to help you hear with greater ease. A hearing loop is simply an unbroken wire that connects to a sound system, allowing you to hear every word. You will find this available... Read more »