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The Future of Hearing Aids Is Here

The Future of Hearing Aids Is Here
This is the most exciting time for anyone who wears a hearing aid. Technology has never been better and it changes rapidly. As an Audiologist who works with 6 major manufacturers, its getting pretty hard to keep up. Even the simplest solutions are packed with great features. Computer chips process at lightning rate speeds. Hearing... Read more »

Four Suggestions for Better Hearing

If you’re like me, missing the start of a conversation causes some embarrassment. It’s also harder to follow dialogue in noisy restaurants. Our ability to hear changes as we age. Add to that family history, noise exposure or any medical condition that’s related and voila, you have the recipe for reduced hearing. Here are a... Read more »

Calling all Audiologists. The future is bright!

Rumor has it that private practice audiology is dying. Don’t let the naysayers get in your head. Yes, there are not enough Au.D. graduates and we need more students interested in the profession. It is also true that many of the hearing aid manufacturers and insurance companies have their hand in the pie. Big box... Read more »

Say Yes To Hearing Help!

  Having trouble hearing? If the answer is YES, then there is help! If a medical professional has told you that there is no help for your hearing, it’s time for a second opinion. When you seek advice from a hearing professional because you are having difficulty hearing and you are told that you can’t... Read more »

Why Can't I Wear One Hearing Aid?

It always amazes me how frequently this question pops up. Who would ask for a monocle when both eyes need correction? Yet when it comes to ears, it’s a common request. Our hearing is at it’s best when the ears work as a team and there are three major benefits. The first is better hearing... Read more »

Three Reasons Why Your Hearing Aid Whistles

Three Reasons Why Your Hearing Aid Whistles
A common complaint of hearing aid wearers is feedback or whistling. I’m sure we can all think of a time when we’ve seen someone fumbling with their hearing aid in an attempt to make the feedback stop. State-of-the-art technology has lessened this from happening, but even with the best technology feedback may be an occasional... Read more »

Tinnitus - The Uninvited Friend

When I think of tinnitus it reminds me of an unwanted dinner guest. The person that you did not expect to enter your home and unfortunately ended up sitting through a dinner you’ve hosted. They speak and act in a way that irritates you and your guests. You smile and are polite even though they... Read more »

Your Heart and Your Hearing

This may come as a surprise to you. Your heart and ears have a lot in common. The organ of hearing or cochlea requires a rich blood supply and needs to be bathed in the nutrients that are supplied by a healthy heart. When an Audiologist tests your hearing, there are patterns that suggest changes... Read more »

Tips For Hearing Better On The Phone

Whether you use a cell phone or land line, a common complaint is not hearing conversations clearly on the telephone. Most phones have a volume control but sometimes that’s not enough. When you hold a cell phone to your ear it makes a big difference where you place the phone. Cell phones have a very... Read more »

The Big C and Hearing

  If you or a loved one has undergone treatment for cancer, it is important to know that a variety of radiation and chemotherapy procedures can put you at risk for changes in hearing. Oncologists and surgeons, if you are reading this, please don’t wait until your patients complain. If your patients are at risk,... Read more »