Changes in Hearing Sneak Up on Us.....

woman-covering-mouth-with-sweater_webWe don't always notice that our hearing has changed. But trust me, everyone else around you does. Until you hear what you are missing, it's hard to understand.

I have a patient who came in for regular hearing checks. He didn't do anything to correct his hearing until he turned around one day and saw his 5 year old granddaughter standing with her hands on her hips saying "Papa, you didn't hear anything I said". His daughter confirmed that she had been talking about her day at school and he didn't hear a word.

Not treating a hearing loss has negative consequences. If you are employed, consider the potential mistakes that can occur when you only hear part of a conversation. I know a jeweler who made a serious design error because he didn't hear his customer's request. And more recently, a server who missed instructions in setting up for an event. Her employer insisted that schedule an evaluation.

When your physician relays information that is misinterpreted because of poor hearing, consider the negative impact on your health. Changes in hearing can also affect relationships. This week, a patient told me when he asked his wife to help him he heard, "I can't help you, I'm busy". He was angry that she refused to assist him until he later he learned what she really said was "I can't help you, I'm dizzy".

When we don't hear, we appear old and confused. I can't tell you how many people we see each year that are diagnosed with memory loss and it turns out that lack of hearing plays a vital role.
Pay attention to the number of times you have you asked someone to repeat what they've said. Is the TV turned up louder than others like it? Do you feel left out with conversations in noise? It's time for you to work on your new normal because you shouldn't miss a word.

It's time for you to get your hearing checked.

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