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Pan (***)

Pan was an interesting unique twist on the story we know as Peter Pan. It seems to be a prequel. I did enjoy the film and can not wait to see what is next to come. I thought the story was different and told the story of Pan, the characters and how they came to... Read more »

Movie Review - X Men: Days of Future Past (****) 3D

(Cool Xmen glasses I got to watch Xmen) The gang is back together in the film Xmen Days of Future Past. Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Storm (Halle Berry), Logan Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). They are trying to change history and save the mutants and humans. They must send someone back in time to correct history.... Read more »

Movie Review - Winter's Tale (***)

Winter’s Tale takes place in New York City. Peter (Colin Farrell) is a thief. Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay) is a lady he meets. Pearly (Russell Crowe) is Peter’s boss. Willa (Mckayla Twiggs) is Beverly’s sister. Isaac (William Hurt) is Beverly’s father. Winter’s Tale takes place in early 20th century and present day New York... Read more »

Movie Review - I Frankenstein 3D (**1/2)

In I Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein’s monster is Adam (Aaron Eckhart). Leonore (Miranda Otto) is Queen of the gargoyles. Terra (Yvonne Strahovski) is the scientist. Naberius (Bill Nighy) is the Prince of the demons. Adam (Aaron Eckhart) is in the human world where there is a centuries old war between the gargoyles and demons. Adam (Aaron Eckhart) is attacked by demons. Leonare... Read more »

Movie Review - The Wolverine 3D (***)

The Wolverine was action packed tons of fighting plus ninjas. Most of this movie is set in Japan. Logan (Hugh Jackman) is a wanderer who meets this Japanese girl Yukio (Rila Fukushima) who takes him on an adventure on wishes of an old acquaintance. Logan (Hugh Jackman) must confront some of his own demons. He meets his old acquaintance Yashida... Read more »
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