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Movie Review - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (***) 3D

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes takes place in San Francisco. The genetically evolved apes vs the humans. Caeser (Andy Serkis) is the leader of the apes. Dreyfus (Gary Oldman) is the leader of the humans. They are some of the humans left after the virus spread Malcolm (Jason Clark), Ellie (Keri Russell) and... Read more »

Movie Review - The Fault In Our Stars (***1/2)

Fault in Our Stars is about two teens Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) who are dealing with cancer. They meet and start a beautiful friendship will it lead to more? This film was very well written. It was sad but it dealt with a heavy subject cancer. It shows the emotions and things... Read more »

Movie Review - Brick Mansions (**)

Brick Mansions takes place in Detroit. Damien (Paul Walker) is a undercover cop who needs to save Brick Mansions groups of housing projects. Brick Mansions is dangerous housing projects. Lino (David Belle) is a criminal type. Tremaine (RZA) a criminal boss. Can Damiem save Brick Mansions? Will he make it out alive? I thought the movie lacked a solid... Read more »

Movie Review - Transcendence (**)

In the film Transcendence Will (Johnny Depp) is a Doctor who is building a machine to transcend human brains. Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) is the wife of Will (Johnny Depp) and his research partner. Joseph (Morgan Freeman) also works with both of them. Agent Buchanan (Cillian Murphy) is working with the scientists to find the rebels... Read more »

Movie Review - Sabotage (*)

In the film Sabotage Breacher (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is on a DEA task force. The people in his task force are Monster (Sam Worthington), Lizzy (Mireille Enos), Grinder (Joe Manganiello), Neck (Josh Holloway), Sugar (Terrence Howard), Pyro (Max Martini), Tripod (Kevin Vance). Caroline (Olivia Williams) helps them out. Sabotage takes place in Georgia. Breacher (Arnold Schwarzenegger)... Read more »

Movie Review - Veronica Mars (***)

Veronica Mars takes place in the small made up town of Neptune, California. Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) plays a soon to be lawyer. Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni) is Veronica Mars father. Mac (Tina Majorino) is Mars crime fighting friend computer nerd. Wallace Fennel (Percy Daggs III) is another crime fighting friend. Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) is an ex from... Read more »

Movie Review - Need for Speed (**1/2) 3D

In the film Need for Speed Tobey (Aaron Paul) a street racer out of prison. Dino (Dominic Cooper) is Tobey’s enemy. Julia (Imogen Poots) is the main girl in the film. Benny (Scott Mescudi), Finn (Rami Malek), Pete (Harrison Gilbertson) all work with Tobey (Aaron Paul) at the car shop. Tobey (Aaron Paul) is a... Read more »

Movie Review - 3 Days To Kill (**)

3 Days to Kill is set in Paris, France. Ethan (Kevin Costner) is a secret service agent. Zoey (Hailee Steinfeld) is Ethan’s daughter. Christine (Connie Nielsen) is the wife of Ethan. Vivi (Amber Heard) is Ethan’s boss. The Albino (Tomas Lemarquis) and The Wolf (Richard Sammel) are two people Ethan is after. In 3 Days... Read more »

Movie Review - Winter's Tale (***)

Winter’s Tale takes place in New York City. Peter (Colin Farrell) is a thief. Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay) is a lady he meets. Pearly (Russell Crowe) is Peter’s boss. Willa (Mckayla Twiggs) is Beverly’s sister. Isaac (William Hurt) is Beverly’s father. Winter’s Tale takes place in early 20th century and present day New York... Read more »

Movie Review - Draft Day (*)

Draft Day Sonny (Kevin Costner) the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns. Ali (Jennifer Garner) works along with Sonny (Kevin Costner) at the Cleveland Browns. Barb (Ellen Burstyn) is Sonny’s (Kevin Costner) mother. Sonny (Kevin Costner) the General Manager shows how he struggles to get the number one draft pick for his team the Cleveland... Read more »