Movie Review - Transcendence (**)


In the film Transcendence Will (Johnny Depp) is a Doctor who is building a machine to transcend human brains. Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) is the wife of Will (Johnny Depp) and his research partner. Joseph (Morgan Freeman) also works with both of them. Agent Buchanan (Cillian Murphy) is working with the scientists to find the rebels who are anti-technology.

Will Dr. Will (Johnny Depp) succeed in building the machine to transcend human brains? Will they find the rebels? Will they survive?

I have to say this is not one of Johnny Depp's better movies. I am a big fan of Johnny Depp and Cillian Murphy and was disappointed in the film. The trailer looked good but that may be deceiving because they put the best parts. The movie started out slow for the first 15 to 20 minutes. It got better but not enough for me to enjoy it that much. The storyline was interesting about a machine that should be able to transcend human brains. I thought that was pretty cool for a sci-fi movie. It also shows the bad side to technology which can cause major damage. Overall I would say it got better in the middle of the movie but not enough to save the film from being a disappointment.

Recommendation - I would say wait till dvd to watch this film.

Rating - ** out of 4 Stars.

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