Movie Review - RoboCop (**)



In RoboCop Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) plays a good cop in Detroit. He is a husband and father. Clara Murphy (Abblie Cornish) plays the wife of Alex. David Murphy (John Paul Ruttan) plays the son of Alex. Pat Novak (Samuel L. Jackon) is the news guy. Dr. Dennett Norton (Gary Oldman) is the doctor who works on Alex. Raymond Sellars (Michael Keaton) is the head of OmniCorp.

Alex Murphy is a cop in Detroit 2028. He is injured so the company OmniCorp wants to make him part man, part robot police officer. Will he survive this change? Will he still have emotion? Will he be a zombie?

I have to say I did like the original 1987 RoboCop better. I thought the first half of the remake was slow and boring. The second part was non stop action, violence and kept you interested. The movie was not exactly the same as the original which was to be expected. There were some different things about the new RoboCop. I liked that Michael Keaton got to act as a bad guy. The part of Samuel L. Jackon was dragged on as the news guy. Gary Oldman did a good job playing the scientist. Overall I would say it was an okay movie nothing special there.

Recommendation - I would say to wait till Dvd for this movie and not risk the chance of falling asleep.

Rating - ** out of 4 Stars.

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