Movie Review - The Family (**)


The Manzoni Family is in the witness protection program.

The Family includes the father Fred (Robert De Niro), the mother Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer), the daughter Belle (Dianna Agron), the son Warren (John D'Leo). The guy that watches the family to protect them in the witness protection program (Tommy Lee Jones). Don (Dominic Chianese) and Fat Willy (Vincent Pastore) are two of the lead mob bosses.

This family is a known mafia and they are relocated to Normandy, France in the witness protection program. These Americans must fit in this town and not go back to their old ways of crime. Will they fit in with the French? Will they go back to their old ways? Will they be found?

This is a typical witness protection movie. At first you think it is going to be a good movie but then it goes downhill from there. There is a lot of violence and fighting. It can be funny at times. This movie is very predictable. If you want to watch a movie that has no deeper meaning than just the mafia then this is the movie for you. Definitely not one of the good mafia movies.

I personally would say to save your money and wait till dvd.

Rating - ** out of 4 Stars

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