Movie Review - Insidious: Chapter 2 (*1/2)


The Lambert family consists of the father Josh (Patrick Wilson), The mother Renai (Rose Byrne), the two sons Dalton (Ty Simpkins) and Foster (Andrew Astor), the daughter Kali (Madison Bowie & Brynn Bowie), the grandmother Lorraine (Barbara Hershey). The two ghost hunters Specs (Leigh Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson). The main ghost hunter Elise (Lin Shaye). Carl (Steve Coulter) the hospital patient. Bride in black (Tom Fitzpatrick).

The Lambert family must uncover a secret from someone's childhood. This secret has left them in danger and connected to the spirit world. This family has gone through so much if you saw Insidious. They were haunted by a bride in black and almost killed. Are they still haunted to this day? Do they uncover this secret or shall it forever remain hidden?

Insidious Chapter 2 was a huge disappointment. This film was not a thriller or a horror film. It was not scary and lacked in the blood department. If you liked Insidious you definitely will be disappointed in Insidious Chapter 2 because it just lacked in a lot of ways. The storyline started out interesting but then only went downhill from there. Insidious Chapter 2 was more of a comedy than a horror film. Insidious Chapter 2 has no real storyline and does not keep you on the edge of your seat. It was not scary at all something a horror film needs. Barely any blood in this film. This film did have some violence. They are just disappointing people when they just put anything together to make a movie. They should have stopped after Insidious.

I would say save your money and wait till dvd.

Rating - *1/2 out of 4 Stars

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