Movie Review - Paranoia (**)


Thriller but no thrills. Drama but not much.

Paranoia takes place in New York City. Adam (Liam Hemsworth) plays the average middle class guy who works at a cell corporation. Frank (Richard Dreyfuss) plays Adam's (Liam Hemsworth) dad. Emma (Amber Heard) plays the girl who also works for a cell corporation. Jock (Harrison Ford) plays the head of the corporation. Nicolas (Gary Oldman) plays Adam (Liam Hemsworth) boss the head of a cell corporation.

Adam (Liam Hemsworth) has a lot of bills to pay. He has the desire for wealth and power will he take the opportunity to make a lot of money? If he does Dr. Judith (Embeth Davidtz) and Miles (Julian McMahon) will train him to spy for Nicolas (Gary Oldman). Will their be danger hidden behind this deal? Will they have to watch their back?

The film is slow for a thriller. The film had the view of New York City. Not much thrills for a thriller movie. I wasn't on the edge of my seat. The film could have had a better storyline. There is some romance in this film. I thought this movie could have been better maybe if it had a R rating instead of PG-13 it could have its true potential.

I would say wait till dvd.

Rating - ** out of 4 stars

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