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Warning film not intended for children!

Don Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a porn addict. Jon Sr (Tony Danza) plays his father. Monica (Brie Larson) plays the mother. Angela (Glenne Headly) plays the sister. Bobby (Rob Brown) and Danny (Jeremy Luke) play his knucklehead friends. Don Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) meets Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) at a club one of the many nights there. Ester (Julianne Moore) plays the girl he met in class.

Don Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) lives in New Jersey. He loves porn more than anything. He goes to work, gym and church that is what his life consists of. He must find out how to live his life to be happy and find intimacy with a potential partner that he can love. He is a player and has a lot of one night stands. Can he overcome his intimacy issues and find true love in someone?

Don Jon reminded me of Groundhog day because he would do the same thing over and over again. He was stuck in that routine. This film also reminded me of the Jersey Shore television show because of how the people in the film acted because it was in New Jersey. Don Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) acting was good but the storyline kept repeating itself. Jon Sr (Tony Danza) did a good acting job as well.

If you have to see it wait till dvd it is not worth your money. I am a big fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt but was disappointed with such a bad movie. From the trailer I was not expecting much but I went because Joseph Gordon-Levitt was going to do a Question and Answer after the film. See below for link of video of Question and Answer with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I would not recommend going to see this movie it was pretty bad.

Rating - * out of 4 Stars

Joseph Gordon Levitt Q&A Video

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