Movie Review - The Host (***)


The Host was exciting it had action, drama as well as some romance. I am currently reading The Host and it seems to follow the book well. This will be another hit for author Stephenie Meyer.

The host is about an alien society who comes to earth. They host the bodies of humans and try to recover their memories so they can host all the humans. If they have been taken over you can tell by their eyes. Saoirse Ronan who plays Melanie and the Wander is a young girl who is in love with a boy Max Irons also known as Jared. Diane Kruger is the Seeker an evil lady who wants the planet to be ruled by hosts. Melanie escapes and goes on an adventure. Melanie the human body of the Wander must survive this new dangerous world with new obstacles. Will she find her family and her love will she survive it?

I would recommend this movie because it is unique and something that will definately keep you interested!

Rating -*** out of 4

The Host Q&A Stephenie Meyer, Max Irons & Jake Abel


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