Movie Review - G.I. Joe: Retaliation 3D (**)


G.I. Joe: Retaliation is an action packed movie keeps you glued to your seat. Lots of fighting and violence.

The G.I. Joe's are from the army military branch who are special operatives. Dwayne Johnson plays Roadblock a strong army dad of two girls. Jonathan Pryce plays the President. Byung-hun Lee plays Storm Shadow. Adrianne Palicki plays the strong female role Jaye. Channing Tatum plays Duke. D.J. Cotrona plays Flint. Bruce Willis plays General Joe Colton.

The G.I. Joe's are sent on a mission by the President something goes wrong and one of the main character dies or they might bring back if they decide to make another one. The enemy decides to kill all the G.I. Joe's. Which ones survive you will have to watch to find out. They hid out in a old place from one of their old hoods. They ban together and with the help of Bruce Willis take down the enemy and get them good!

I loved the fight scene in the mountain with the zip lines. The 3D in this movie was good. I liked the 3D part in the mountains and the part in the prison with the broken glass and water. The fight scenes were awesome!

I would say go out and see this movie in 3D.

Rating - ** out of 4

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