Infertility: Top 10 Ways You Know You Are Infertile

this list is just the start!  I could probably name 100!  have a good one?  leave it in the comments!

1)   you know what the acronyms ART, TTC, 2WW mean

2)   if hearing the words “just relax”, “take a break”, and “baby dust,” make you want to smack somebody

3)   your idea of a good “shot” isn’t tequila, it's doing your nightly progesterone shot and not bruising your ass in the process

4)   you feel like you are at Cheers but really its your clinic “where everybody knows your name”

5)   you’ve ever felt strange NOT taking your clothes off while at the doctor and have several people examine your hoo-ha

6)   you forget not EVERYONE knows what HCG is (although you think they should, and know the needle size needed to inject the stuff)

7)   you can discuss your follicle size and uterine lining with a complete stranger

8)   you buy pregnancy tests in bulk

9)   you honestly don’t know how people get pregnant naturally (and sorta resent those people too)

10)   you are on more medications and supplements than your 80-year old grandmother


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