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What I Left Behind in 2019 For A Favorable 2020 And Beyond!

1.) Pessimism/ Bringing yourself down/ Negative thinking/ Automatically thinking negatively about things/ Comparing yourself to others We doubt ourselves, our own abilities, or the situation that is presented to us, because it is almost always not in our favor. It is easier said than done, but try to remain positive. Everything in life happens for... Read more »

That Loser Back Then Is Still The Same Loser Now

   What makes a winner a    winner? We often compare    ourselves to others only to    wonder what we lack in our    own lives that others have    successfully grasped. I    recently rediscovered many    old faces from way back    when ranging from relatives,    friends of the family,   ... Read more »

An Open Letter To A Colleague Who Is No Longer With Us

​A colleague who I worked with for several years at a two-year institution has recently passed on due to unforeseen physical health complications on January 7, 2018. Since then, condolences has poured in from friends, relatives, colleagues, former classmates, students, among many others on forums, obituary guestbook and social media.  January 13, 2018 Dear Colleague, I have... Read more »