BlackTree TV Tries To Call Out Black Music Celebrities At The Grammys, But Falls Flat On Certain Areas

The frustration of black owned media being ignored by black artists at the Grammy Awards has led the black owned company, BlackTree TV, to call out the black entertainers for their lack of participation in interviews with their company in favor of white owned media. Blacktree TV, an urban entertainment and lifestyle company established in 1996, caters primarily to black demographics while the likes of ET (Entertainment Tonight), Billboard Magazine, People and other "white publications" are all inclusive, well established and familiar conglomerates.

First of all, fuck em all. Not gonna hold back this year. Calling out all of the people who you think are for the people but always ignore the people, skip the people for PEOPLE TV. This is the struggle of black media most often, but particularly the GRAMMYs highlights the amount of black and latino artist that don't take the time to speak to black media. That's your Lizzo, your Rick Ross, your Cuavo, your Gucci Mane, Your H.E.R., your fill in the blank. Most of them. Rosalia. It's a shame how they do us.

Above is description of BlackTree TV video of "Black Media at the Grammys, the struggle is real"

In the BlackTree TV video posted on Youtube, they say,"There is a struggle, especially for black media. The struggle is multifaceted." He continues,"First, there's the placement that we are on the carpet, which is usually, we are all bundled near the end of the carpet. Second is the publicists that represent the talents and third, it is the talent themselves, who make conscious effort or lack of effort to take time to speak to the few black owned media... There's not more than four or five of us at most at any of these Grammys and they skip us religiously."

While BlackTree TV vigorously attempted to get the attention of their favorites from Quavo of the Migos and Gucci Mane, they noticeably remained silent when Lil Nas X, the gay black rapper for his monumental hit, "Old Town Road", walked by on the red carpet. The video not only showed a lack of support for the blacks in LGBT community, but it also contradicted the struggle being mentioned in the video. Out of curiosity, did they also remained quiet when Billy Porter walked by too?

Don't let the unprofessional rants in the video fool the readers. The black owned business' struggles with its own people on the red carpet are not entirely true. On BlackTree TV's account on YouTube, they were able to get interviews with Gene Moore, Kirk Franklin, Sheila E., EarthGang, and the legendary Smokey Robinson Sunday. Their anger stems from not accepting the currently popular black artists' personal choice and uses the race card to justify their stance.

Black individuals and businesses cannot advocate inclusivity and diversity in white awards and media, but then bash black stars, because the black celebrities chose to not support their own. Remember that these black artists, just like BlackTree TV and any other black owned companies, are a brand and they get to pick and choose who they want to associate and do business with to stay relevant in the industry. If a certain business is not going the way it supposed to or according to plans, then instead of complaining about the outcome, it is best to regroup, reorganize and restructure their methods and execution. Unfortunately, it's life. It is a competitive industry and insulting celebrities will not only hurt the company's reputation and the relationships, but also potential future opportunities and partnerships. Clout chasing is never a good look for anyone regardless of race, sex, or otherwise. Be genuinely supportive and respectful of the black artists' business choices, because otherwise, the individual and/ or black owned companies are just as much of a hater as any other hater out there.

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