Taxi Every Other Day, But Not Today

So I had gotten a call from my good actor friend, Wednesday, June 11, 2014 around 4:30 p.m., while I was on my way on the Ashland bus to be around Milwaukee & Division area to go see a musical that he was performing in later that evening.   He told me that he had forgotten to bring certain items that he needed later on that night and didn't know what he was thinking before he left earlier in the day.   He asked if I was up north or if I was heading to work because he wouldn't be able to get up north anytime at all.   I told him I was heading south, but he assumed that I might have been still close to the area up north, but little did he know was that I was closer to Division than I was further up north.   I told him to text the items needed.   I didn't mind actually as I would have had a lot of time to kill had this never happened.

So I got off on North Avenue, and saw the Ashland bus going on the other direction, but unfortunately, it would have been impossible to catch the bus by the time I ran across the street.   I received the text from my friend and it read:

"Black dress pants, black shoes. There is small carry on gray bag you can put it in. Deodorant and facial cleanser."

Seeing that it was 4:30 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon, around this time, it was rush hour and there were cars jam packed everywhere and every taxi I tried to hail were all occupied.   Every other day when I don't want a taxi, there are about a million of them and some of them honk at me to see if I want one, but not today!   Sigh...   I ran further north on Ashland to Cortland to see if I could find a cab on another busy side street, but at this rate, it was impossible to find one.   Luckily an Ashland bus came by.   However, the bus was going too slow for me, so I needed to get off to another busy intersection where I may be able to catch a cab.

I got off on Fullerton, and much to my chagrin, I missed a cab for starter, and had a difficult time finding another one.   So I paced east on Fullerton, from Ashland, to another north and south street to see if there were any cabs driving by as there were none going east bound.   I called my friend a couple of times on the phone, but couldn't reach him.   I even went as far as going past the Fullerton redline, but to no avail or so I thought.   Then low and behold, a cab driving east appeared miraculously!   I hopped on board and told the driver the location where I needed to be.   On our way there, I asked a driver if he could do me a favor.   I asked him if he could wait downstairs while I get the items needed.   He said how long would it be, and I responded a couple of minutes.   He agreed.

I felt like a production assistant or someone doing an important task in the film/ theatre industry.   I specifically told the driver to take any side streets he can because I needed to get there fast.   I was certainly in a time crunch and did not have time for any kind of mistake whatsoever.   When we got there, I quickly ran upstairs and looked for the said items needed.   I looked everywhere, but couldn't find one specific item.   I didn't have time to go through the items slowly as I wanted as the meter downstairs was still running.   I then looked underneath areas in hopes that I find the item I needed and there it was!   Once I found it, I ran back down and told the driver to head back to the location I needed to go to, but I needed to get there way before 6:00 p.m. as the show started at that time!   Suffice it to say, I got way before the show started!

The next day, my actor friend said I forgot the belt... And honestly, I don't remember reading the word belt anywhere.   Maybe because I was in such a hurry that I didn't read it all the way through.   Then when I looked at the text again several days later, it said:

"Black dress pants, black shoes. There is small carry on gray bag you can put it in. Deodorant and facial cleanser. Black belt"

Belt: 1,   Masaki: 0

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Tags: Ashland, bus, clothes, run, stress, Taxi

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