The Non-Hit Songs of Babyface

There has been much said about the hit songs of Kenneth Brian Edmonds, also known to the world as Babyface. Like the great Diane Warren, Smokey Robinson, Carole King, & Rod Temperton, Babyface could craft love songs without breaking a sweat, and leave multiple imprints of his legacy for many to follow. The legendary R&B artist, songwriter,... Read more »

Bittersweet Memories... That Is All I'm Taking With Me

Many artists and bands from across all genres, at one point or another, recorded a cover to, perhaps, pay homage to their favorite artist/ band or recorded to be included as a part of a project and released for public consumption.  While cover songs, most often than not, are arrangement based rather than songwriting based, it... Read more »

Our Money To Educate Minds Behind Bars Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

A recent opinion article, Let Prisoners Take College Courses, published by the New York Times on April 4, 2015, was written by John J. Lennon, an inmate at the Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, New York.  Lennon, one of the 23 inmates who is enrolled in a privately funded college program at the facility, believes the program should... Read more »

All Is Fair in Love & Songwriting: Which Comes First?

Songwriting, just like any other craft, takes focus, patience, creativity, and hard work. There are so many options, avenues, and ways to go about it. An idea to a song can come from any place, at any time and it’s up to the writer to whether or not take that idea and run with it.... Read more »