America's Cup in Chicago Report

America's Cup in Chicago Report

The focus of this America's Cup in 2013 is to make it attractive to the young and make it TV and audience friendly.  Between using boats that are wickedly fast going 30 to 45 miles per hour, racing on a course between 30 - 40 minutes long, done in front of a stadium, with grid-lines and other displays (similar to the yellow 1st down line in football) on the TV screen, sailing will be made understandable in a way never imagined before.  These catamaran 72' long, carbon fiber, "wing sailed" powered by nothing but the wind boats, on hydrofoils, should be jaw dropping.

Here's a little video to give a perspective of what these boats will be doing


Glenn T. McCarthy, The America's Cup, and Thomas F. Ehman, Jr. Director, of External Affairs for Oracle Racing in Chicago June 20, 2013.


Julian Guthrie, Author of "The Billionaire and the Mechanic" writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, and Glenn T. McCarthy.
Buy the movie "The Wind Gods" and the book 'The Billionaire and the Mechanic" by Julian.

It was a pleasure and an honor to bring the America’s Cup to Chicago, having played a small part in it happening.  It stands up right next to the Stanley Cup, World Cup, Super Bowl, World Series and other major sporting trophies.

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